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The Band

Drums / Vocals


Lester Crawford

Guitar / Vocals


Gemi Taylor

Bass Guitar


Trevor Lindsey

Saxophone / Vocals


Brandon Ragan

Our Beginning

The Brandon Ragan Project formed to blend a classy edge to the classic funk & blues sounds that are ever present in the ongoing entertainment and nightlife music. All of our musicians are local artists that have been performing in the Ventura and Los Angeles areas for over a decade.

Our performances bring people together to dine, drink and dance.

Meet The Boys......


Lester Crawford - Drums & Vocals


Chicago native Lester Crawford has been playing drums since he was seven. He got his start in church and has been in demand on the L.A. scene for over 34 years. On the north side of Chicago in 1972, he recorded an album with Streetdancer. He has recorded with Ed Townson in L.A. at Marvin Gaye's studio in Hollywood. Lester's drumming and singing covers diverse musical styles and genres, both in the studio and live performances. He has done TV commercials/jingles and feature film soundtracks . He recorded a Clairol commercial with Larry Dunn of EWF where he had to imitate Nat King Cole's voice singing "Smile". Lester's performance credits include: George Benson, and Whitney Houston. Wrap Party performances include: Will Smith, Gregory Hines, Brooke Shields, Tim Allen, Rosanne, and Dean Cain. 


Trevor Lindsey - Bass Guitarist

L.A. Session Bassist, Trevor Lindsey, has been a studio heavyweight since the early 1980's. Trevor's mastery of the bass has kept him in great demand on the L.A. studio scene, for over 35 years. His playing has covered a diverse array of musical styles and genres, both in the studio and performing live.  Besides album and live performances, Trevor has also done many TV commercials/jingles, as well as movie soundtracks and television shows. His performance credits cover an astounding array of respected music industry giants, working with the very “best of the best”.  Among the long list of prominent artists he has performed with are: Leann Rimes, Tom Scott & the L.A. Express, Aaron Neville, Randy Jackson, Dave Koz, Roy Clarke, Pat Kelley, Victor Feldman, Billy Preston, Vanna White, Steven Stills, Jim Messina. Trevor (under his company Low B Music) is a songwriter for the Universal Music Publishing Group, with numerous music credits ranging from The Oprah Winfrey Show,  Bobby Flay, various Home & Garden cable programming, to worldwide international television shows.    


Brandon Ragan Sax & Vocals - Gemi Taylor Guitar & Vocals

Brandon Ragan Sax & Vocals “Mr. Brandon Ragan is an Alabama “Southern” Saxophone player with a background in Music Education and Gospel Jazz music” - Downtown Ventura  Brandon’s love for sax and music has spanned decades. He picked up music at a young age and was inspired during his educational career. He attended Jacksonville University and finished his degree in Music Theory at Talladega College in Alabama.   Before settling in California duty to his Country called and he served in the USMC and now Department of Security & Defense/Homeland Security. In Brandon’s hometown he is known as a musical mentor where he has coached and taught the local youth. He has been a part of the American Cancer Society Annual Gala where he has performed along with private performances for L.L. Cool J.  He has carried his southern roots into the blues/funk and jazz he is known for throughout the Ventura & LA areas. To hear Brandon play is to know true musical inspiration! 


** Gemi Taylor Guitar & Vocals Gemi Taylor, with his classic guitar strut can enter a room and prolifically speak on every subject. He began playing guitar at age 4, and then followed in church with gospel. In 1972 he was introduced to singer, songwriter and producer Willie Hutch. Hutch, who was organizing musicians for his touring band and recording projects at Motown, hired Gemi for the gigs. In 1977 Gemi got the call to audition with Larry Graham and Graham Central Station, who he worked with throughout the 70’s and 80’s. He then relocated to Japan and was frequently featured in videos for popular Japanese artists as well as U.S. artist Wornell Jones. Gaining popularity and with his new skills he’d learned in Japan for modern music creativity, which nurtured his vision, he returned to California setting up his production company and recording studio in West Hills. A few of the artists that Gemi has recorded and/or toured with: Smokey Robinson, TaTa Vega, Sammy Davis Jr., Barry White, Thelma Houston, The Temptations, Jr. Walker, Larry Graham, Graham Central Station, Marvin Gaye, The Spinners and Johnny “Guitar” Watson. 

What's Happening this Month....

Lets Get Down & Get Funky!

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BRP at Heritage Square Oxnard

Mustang Sally everyone!

Ventura County Music Awards 2019

A night of Funky Fun in Ventura....

The Beat Goes On.......

Where ever we go, the dancing continues!

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